MR-2200 Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Unit

Secutron’s MR-2200 Intelligent input fire alarm control panels provide flexible and cost-effective operation to satisfy system requirements for both economy and capability.

  • MR-2100 provides a Single Intelligent Input Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) for up to 198 Intelligent Devices
  • MR-2200 provides Dual Intelligent Input Signaling Line Circuits for up to 396 Intelligent Devices
  • SLCs are selectable for either Class A (Style 6) or Class B (Style 4) operation
  • Two Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs), Class A (Style Z) or Class B (Style Y); expandable to eight NACs with optional MRNC2 modules
  • Four programmable functions relay, Form C; expandable to sixteen relays with MRRL4 modules
  • Programmable cross-zoning functions, day/night mode, and selective control operations
  • Two aux. power outputs, 500 mA @ 24 VDC each
  • 6.0 A Power supply with integral battery charger provides 2.5 A for NACs and Auxiliary Outputs; Expandable to provide up to 7 A NAC Current
  • Four additional communications ports for Dialer, PC Interface, Voice Evacuation System, and Remote Annunciators
  • Optional Style 7 (DCLR) MR network peer-to-peer communications



The modular design assures that as system needs and applicable codes evolve, fire alarm control panel functions can be updated as required.

Optional networking modules allows the MR-2200 to be connected to a Secutron network to provide additional input circuits, visual zones, programmable notification appliance (bell) circuits, and relays. Up to 254 control and annunciator units can be networked together. The network is a DCLR (Data Communications Link, Redundant) configuration loop.

The MR-2200 models provide two SLCs for support of 198 devices on each allowing a total capacity of up to 396 intelligent devices; up to 198 detectors and up to 198 control/monitor modules total.

Option modules are available and can be conveniently field installed. Modules are available for: additional NAC output circuits & function relays, local LED annunciation, additional NAC power, and Central Station (DACT) or Remote Station (DACT or CITY Module) connection.

Programming the MR-2200 consists of two convenient and easy operations. Input circuit programming and special features (such as cross zoning functions, day/ night mode, selective control operations, etc.) are performed from an externally generated database produced on a Windows® based PC. System parameters and control panel display and operation functions are conveniently programmed from the onboard LCD and keypad.