Secutron MRI-2251TMB

• Sleek, low profile design
• Detectors are equipped with a built-in analog
communications module
• Photoelectric detectors are available with additional
fixed temperature detection
• Heat detectors are available as fixed temperature
or fixed temperature with rate-of-rise detection
• Dual LEDs indicate communications and activate
steady when in alarm
• Low profile base provides easy interchangeability
• Low standby current
• Rotary address switches
• Magnetic test feature
• Superior EMI protection



Secutron‘s low profile addressable plug-in smoke and heat detectors with integral communications provide features that surpass conventional detectors. Sensitivity is continuously monitored and reported to the panel where the desired detector sensitivity can be programmed. Point ID capability allows each detector’s address to be set with decade address switches,
providing exact detector locations for selective maintenance when chamber contamination reaches an unacceptable level.