Access Control System

Access control relies on a unified management platform connected to multiple locks and proximity devices for streamlined security. The unified management platform provides real-time information about who is entering which locations and when and can be programmed remotely. Doors are locked automatically and allow entry for individuals using a range of devices – from simple proximity or keypad-controlled door locks to access card readers and advanced biometric scanners.

The goal of access control is to provide organizations with an additional layer of security by managing user permissions at entry points and entry time frames. For example, companies can block entry during non-business hours. Business facilities can also permit visitors and staff to access main entrances, while restricting access to certain areas that require special authorization. Generally, they are a great way to boost commercial security and increase accountability.

Access Control Credentials


Access Cards & Key Fobs


Biometric entry utilizes specific physical data to verify users and grant entry permission. These devices typically rely on a fingerprint scanner. Retina scans and facial recognition devices are also being used with more frequency.

Contactless cards and key fobs are small devices that are set up to “pair” with proximity devices. When they are used as a “key”, they are programmed with a unique code for each user.

Keypads tend to be less expensive than other options. They require users to manually insert their individual identification codes in order to unlock a door and gain access to certain areas of the building.

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