Fire Extinguisher

Our ABC type and Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers are easy to use, versatile (can be used on ABC & Electrical Fires), Maintenance-free and come with a long warranty period. Call us for more details to help you make an informed buying decision. Give fire safety, the priority it merits. ZAP FIRE is the best service provider for a Fire Extinguisher in Gurgaon and fire extinguisher refilling in Gurgaon to maintenance-free and come with a long warranty period deliver shortly of your business.

Fire Extinguisher

Hydro Pressure Testing

Hydro Pressure Testing, also known as Hydro Testing or a Leak Test, provides a method for finding leaks or verifying performance and durability in pressure vessels. ZAP FIRE routinely performs hydro pressure testing services on Fire Extinguishers.

The Hydro Pressure Test is classified as one of our non-destructive testing techniques, meaning the sample is typically not harmed during the test.

Hydro Pressure Testing

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