Pre Action Sprinkler System

Pre Action Sprinkler System

A pre-action fire sprinkler system is similar to a dry-pipe sprinkler system. In a pre-action system, the water is held back by a pre-action valve. The valve is opened when flame, heat, or smoke is detected. Two things must happen before a pre-action sprinkler system releases water.

The first is that the detection system must detect a fire and the valve must open, releasing water into the piping. The second event is that individual sprinkler heads need to open to allow water to discharge.

Benefits and Disadvantages of

Pre-Action Sprinklers Systems

There are both benefits and disadvantages to pre-action systems. One of the biggest benefits of pre-action fire protection is that it works well for water-sensitive environments because there is a low risk of accidental discharge. It prevents excessive water damage and it works well in cold areas because the pipes will not freeze since water is not held within the pipes.

One disadvantage of the pre-action system is that it can be more costly to install because they are more complex than traditional sprinkler systems. Another thing to consider is that there may be more lag time before the water is discharged than in a typical system.

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