RFID Solutions

RFID Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification commonly known as RFID, makes use of electromagnetic fields to automatically pinpoint and trail the label attached to objects.

The RFID system generally consists of two parts—Tag and a Receiver. Tags are placed on the object that needs to identify and receiver is used to collect the information form placed Tags.

FID technology has been proven to be a helping hand in transforming businesses across a plethora of sectors like Manufacturing, Automobiles, Transportation, Healthcare and many more. In the current times, RFID Technology is very common in almost every possible industry. It simplifies the complicated work in a simple and flexible manner. In the last few years, RFID has been used by many industries that refused to adopt this technology earlier because they felt it was very costly but now it’s even cost effective so any small scale industry can also use RFID based tracking.

RFID Paper Tag

We provide you with a range of RFID paper tags in different sizes consisting white matte finish on a RFID chip supplied from trusted genuine chip maker. Our tabs are designed in a way that they work with a variety of use cases- which includes inserted inlays in flexible sizes, materials and adhesives which are ideal for on-demand printing and encoding of item-level RFID labels with customized printing.

Metal Tags

Metal tags are designed for both metal as well as non-metal objects and surfaces. The thin and flexible tag suits curved and flat surfaces and offers a possibility to create wonderful solution for end users. These tags are packaged within a hard shell to make it safe from impact, moisture and extreme temperatures.

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