Water Leak Detection System

Water Leak Detection System

Water Leak Detection system consists of a water leak detector, sensor cable and wld panel. Water Leak Detection System provides an effective environment monitoring solution for problems related to a water leak in data, server & computer rooms. Further, this is an ultra-compact device along with an efficient sensor cables monitor which can detect & communicate the existence of liquid via audio- visual alarms to sewer administrators.

What seems like an insignificant problem can cost millions when it comes to lost computer data, Water leakage detection system is become first on the list of priorities to protect infrastructure. Other applications are where water detection is useful to include areas like wastewater management, archive facilities or power plant.

Benefits of Water Leakage Detection System:

  • Prevent lost revenue.

  • Lower water system operational cost.

  • Prevent contamination.

  • Lost time managing insurance claims.

  • Extend life of facility.

  • Prevent property damage.

  • Prevent or reduce outage events.